H&W Finishing has a multipurpouse lacquering line for finishing all flat wooden products, like strips (tapis) and floor parts in lacquer plus colour. The use of a carefully selected lacquering line – combined with lacquering substances which meet the modern environmental requirements of this moment, ensure top quality and are the basis of our company.

Combining the right process with the right machinery and well-balanced systems is our job.

The full scale production line in a large production hall caracterises itself, beside quality, in efficient finishings, as a result of which large volumes can be processed.

Sanding -, roller coater- and brushing techniques and the use of environmental friendly lacquering substances are the basis for finishing that meet the most modern requirements concerning environmental and health standards, against a good price / quality proportion.

We do have two modern production lines, with dry techniques (UV light and air bearing) so that during the production process the material is dried. Because of this your wood is ready for packaging and collection immediately.